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 TalentEdge Candidate Acquisition Model℠

TalentEdgeRC Candidate Acquisition Model℠ –  is a scientifically designed, tried and proven recruitment process to ensure that search is of the highest quality and client gets relevant resumes in quickest possible turnaround time.


Step 1: Understanding

Client Organisation : Business Activity, Organisation Structure, Culture, Future Growth Plan, etc.

Help in proper briefing to potential candidates

Step 2: Mapping

Job Competencies: Job Title, KPI, deliverables, experiences, qualifications, responsibilities, critical skills requirements, etc.

Helps in quality sourcing

Step 3 : Sourcing

Industry / Company / People Mapping:  Targeted Research, Candidates Referrals, Database Search, On-line & print advertising campaigns

Engage both active and passive candidates
Generate a shortlist of quality people


Step 4:  Evaluation

Evaluate candidates based on job specifics competency, family background, location preference, salary expectations, past career path, career wound, etc.

Benchmarking against job role criteria

Step 5: Interview

Interview preparation & planning, On-going communications, honest feedback to client & candidate, interview debriefing, etc.

Clarity in decision making

Step 6: Reference Check

Reference check of candidate, background check if require

Confidence in hiring decision

Step 7: Managing the offer

Open communications with the candidate, Open submission of remuneration & requirements, possible quickest joining commitment from candidate

Removes from negotiations
Ensure mutually beneficial outcomes

Step 8: Post Recruitment Follow-up

Continuous touch with candidate

Boost the candidate’s confidence with client organisation